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About Benma Technical Services Ltd

Benma Technical Services Ltd Was founded on the 19th Day of June, 2008 on the fundamental principles of supplies, transport services, but after a futher restructuring in 2011, Benma Technical Services Ltd was in coparated under the companies act and it became a LIMITED company. We are also registered with the Kenya Revenue Authorithy, Ministry Of raods and Public Works and Ministry of Water Irrigation.

Benma Technical Services Ltd Market Include: Goverment Derpartments, Local Authorities, NGO's schools, Holiday resorts, Faith Based organization, Parastatal, UN Agencies and Private Entities. We boast High capacity of quality products and reliable provision of services ensuaring that our final product/services delivery meets our clientele's demands and expectations.

Currently our company, which is growing, has a capacity of over 10 employes and is looking forward to engaging to other proffesional support staff for future expantion.

Benma Technical Service Ltd Construction Company Ltd is built on competence, value and solid workmanship. We build to the highest standards and on time. We are direct and pleasant to work with. Ask our customers.

Our Mission

To professionally constract quality civil works infrastructure that satisfies our clients needs.

Our Vision

To be a national leader in the implementation of civil works infrastructure in Kenya and beyond.

Our Core Values

They include
  • Quality Service
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Team Spirit
  • Handwork
  • Visionary Leadership


Question One:
Qu. What type of business is Benma Technical Service Ltd Construction Company?

Ans. Benma Benma Technical Service Construction Company is a general contracting firm. We manage all aspects of a construction project from beginning to end. We supply the manpower, materials, and subcontractors necessary to accomplish the job. We provide the work force to achieve the majority of a project's tasks and may hire specialty trades people (such as plumbers, electricians, drywallers, or painters) as needed.

Question Two:
Qu. What is the history of your company?

Ans. Benma Technical Service Ltd Construction Company has been in business for over 4 years. We've successfully completed 6 of building, remodeling, and renovation jobs throughout the community. We have over 11 years of combined construction experience. For a more detailed look at our company please read the About Us

Question Two:
Qu. What does your company provide that other contractors may not?

Ans. We feel our attention to detail and quality workmanship give us an edge in accomplishing your project and exceeding your expectations. We pride ourselves in delivering any job on time and on budget!

Question Three:
Qu. How do I get an estimate on a project I wish to build?

Ans.All you need to do is Contact Us and set up an appointment for our estimator to come out and look over your project. Within a few days to a week you should have a price quote and a written description of the work it covers.

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